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Caring For Your Health

We understand that you are not living your best life possible unless your mind and body are completely healthy. That's why we take a energetic approach to preventing and reversing dis-ease in the body

Natural Healing

Our goal is to provide alternative care that will reverse and prevent dis-ease using the fundamental healing principles of mind-body techniques.

Our Promise to You

We care about your well being and will provide you with guidance, knowledge, and tools needed to be healthy. We are here to help you achieve optimal wellness. 


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Our Services

Energy Healing

Energy Healing is a method of different techniques by which you can heal your mental, emotional and physical energy patterns that are causing you dis-ease or blocks in your life.

Heart Resonance Therapy

is a system that supports you to fully align to our new awakening.  It helps to immerse more into our new world of conscious love-based creation. 

Traditional Usui Reiki

is a form of therapy that uses simple hands-on and visualization techniques for the purpose to allow the universal life force to flow through the hands of the practitioner and into the recipent's body, to help bring about healing or restore wellbeing. 

Crystal Therapy

Crystal Readings

Crystal readings offer an opportunity to gain clarity and insight into the questions and issues that are present in your life.


is a form of gemstone therapy that was developed by Melody, author of Love Is In The Earth.  Through the utilization of intention and accessing the energies of the mineral kingdom, a Crystology session can help restore physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance.

Crystal Surgery

Crystal surgery is a method of operating directly on the energy field and the energy body in such a way that through systematic, direct changes in these two systems, indirect changes are stimulated in the physical body.  This method can be used to clear negative energy, balance and/or slow down the brain waves due to stress, release inflammation, relieve congestion caused by colds/sinus/flu, loosen joints to relieve pain, heal past life wounds, and much more.

Energy Healing

Pulling Cords and Threads

Every person we come into contact, we send a thread from our chakra to their chakra.  Over time, there will be a need to clean and clear our energy field from these cords.  

Energy Clearing

Energy Clearing can include home clearings, office clearings, space clearings, land clearings, and clearing of people and pets.

Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing

 The goal of Shamanic Healing is the balance and integration of all aspects of the Self – our light and our dark, our highest personal aspirations, and our most mundane real-world concerns. It is about aligning with the fundamental qualities of who we actually are – perfect, whole, healthy, unconflicted, and deeply inter-connected. 

Shamanic Journey

A way of finding wisdom, healing and answers as well as personal knowledge through shamanic meditation to balance the physical and spiritual worlds. 

Soul Retrival

 It is a method of recovering parts of the spirit that have become disconnected as a result of a loss or trauma.  The objective is to make the person more whole and more present. 

Sound Therapy

Sound Healing


Sound Healing is an effective and proven modality that uses vibrational sound to help reduce stress, alter consciousness and create a deep sense of peace, well being and better health. Sound has also been shown to be a vital part of the healing process for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and side effects especially for pain relief management.

Tibetan Singing Bowls

Ancient singing bowls come from different areas in the Himalayan mountain range, such as Tibet, Bhutan and Nepal. Although their exact age is not known, many of them have been dated back hundreds of years. Made out of a consecrated 7 metal alloy prayers and mantras were chanted to them during the process of their creation. So, these bowls have the sacred energy of the prayers imbued in them. Additionally, the old bowls were made with the intention of healing or transforming consciousness. 

Tuning Forks

are used to produce harmonic vibrations to relieve stress and pain, and to bring about peace and stability within the body

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